Qantas Jumbo Plane Fly To USA This Sunday

After the events of explosion of one of Trent 900 engines made in a Rolls Royce on  Airbas A380, Qantas Air on the path Londo – Singaphore – Sydney, Qantas cease all jumbo flights to Europe and America. For flights to Europe have opened back in November 2010, but for the flight to the USA can not be done because the plane needs more fuel.

Number of fuel that must be transported in a single flight from Australia to Los Angeles is expected to be a burden too heavy when the plane will take off. Excess load on the fuel is suspected to be the cause of explosion in one engine after 15 minutes of takeoff. but after consultation with the parties Airbas as the maker of this plane, Qantas
has decided to re-open Los Angeles - Australia flights this Sunday (01/16/2011).

With the resumption of flights was the U.S. economic activity - Australia will more smoothly.

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