Export of Fisheries Sector Papua

Papua as one of Indonesia's most eastern provision has enormous potential for fisheries. Potential of fisheries sector in the waters of West Papua Province reached 700,566 tons, while the result of fishing currently at 273,756 tons per year or approximately 35.87%. With these data means that there are many that can be dug from the sea fisheries sector in Papua.

Papua excellence of Fisheries sector has been attracting investors to export seafood Papua. Some seafood that has been exported include: tuna fish, tuna, grouper, shark fin and shrimp. These commodities have been widely exported to several countries including: China, Japan, Taiwan, United States (U.S.), and European countries. In July 2010 re-recorded exports of live crabs after missing in May and June 2010, worth 0.02 million dollars intended to Singapore.

Papua water potential should be developed wisely. Floating can be done by extensification and intensification. The government is charged with his role in providing capital and training to local fishermen. However, efforts to improve this fishery potential not to damage the environment because in the end will reduce the catch in this region in the long term.

Besides equipping the local fishermen with capital and skills in the Capture of fish, the government also must be able to protect the waters of this easternmost theft of disruption of foreign fishermen. Potential Papua-rich waters of economic resources is very tempting foreigners to take it.

In addition to the above factors the government can also play a role in building the infrastructure of fisheries. Construction of the wharf, construction of fish processing and other infrastructure that support the fisheries industry in Papua should be developed, so that later we are not only exporting fresh fish, but also exporting processed fish.

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  1. Irian memang kaya akan sumber daya alamnya meski kurang memndapat perhatian dari pemerintah pusat.
    Sudah saatnya bangsa ini lebih memperhatikan wilayah timur kita...!!

  2. @Prapatan Kertek : Yup setuju bgt!


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