China interested in transport infrastructure investment in Papua

Papua has the economic potential is extraordinary. Papua economic potential derived from minela resources, fisheries, forests and cultural art that can be developed toward the tourism industry.

This potential seems to have kissed by China, as reported in "Cash Online" that China plans to invest in infrastructure, especially transportation. one of the obstacles to underdeveloped regions of Papua is the problem of transportation and distribution of goods / services. when it was realized very well by the Chinese government, so they plan to invest in port infrastructure.

Investors from China interested in investing in transport infrastructure development in Papua. Cooperation which will be offered to China on them for the construction and development of port terminals and airports in Papua.

According to the Minister of Transportation, Freddy Numberi China will meet with the Governor of Papua and will be facilitated by the Ministry of Transportation in Jayapura on January 5, 2010. Those who will come to attend the presentation was the Chinese Ambassador and 9 representatives of Chinese companies interested to invest. "This cooperation is very good because we open the public private partnership (PPP)," Freddy said on the sidelines of the economic evaluation, 2010, Tuesday (02/01).

Freddy said the investment could be done by the Chinese side in Papua include the construction of new port infrastructure in Jayapura and Sorong and Biak Port development.

For the development of the port, Freddy said Chinese investors could build highway infrastructure to support the trip overland to the port. In addition, China can also make the development of port and beach area that has not been explored. "For the basic port infrastructure has been built to stay their progress," said Freddy.

Port to be built and developed will be international and has a capacity of loading and unloading large enough. The government will also invite Chinese investors to develop the airport in Manokwari, Sorong, Jayapura and Timika.

While the Ministry of Transportation are port director Kelvin Saputro said port development that could cooperate with Japan one of which is the port of Arar, Sorong. "There are plans to build a pier quotation gold there," said Kelvin

Cooperation with the private sector according to Kelvin is very possible to be done in line with the new rules that allow private management of ports. But the chances of China to collaborate not only on the transport sector, Freddy said they could work on other sectors such as mining or cement.

Cooperation with China to work on transport infrastructure in Papua was the first time. But China also has invested the oil sector in Papua.

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