Typical Papuan Crafts

Papua is one of the large island in eastern Indonesia. The journey requires 5 to 6 hours from Sukarno Hatta Airport to arrive at Sentani Airport Jayapura. Papua has a different time of 2 hours from Jakarta, it means that Papua geographically very far from Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia.

So did his thing with the cultural diversity of Papua which is distinctive in terms of culture. Crafts of Papua is very unique and special. If developed and managed properly, can be a craft typical Papuan economic commodity that is high enough.

Promotion of handicrafts typical of Papua to the outside of Papua and to the Foreign Affairs will increase the economic value of the craft and also introduce Papua as one object jam Bali tourist destinations and other areas that have been widely known by the world.

Some typical of Papua Crafts among others are:
1. Arrow typical papua

2. The mummy of Wamena chieftain
The mummy of Wamena chieftain who have died since the war between the tribes, and his body later in the preserved by way of fumigation, the age of the mummy tsb kira2> 200 years  
 3. Papua Hats
used when traditional ceremony, derived from birds of paradise feathers
 4. Bone necklace + decoration
Used in the neck during traditional ceremonies
 5. Noken
Used as a means of bringing goods home garden or carrying infants in use in the head, usually used by women
6. Bracelet
Made from wild grass
 7. Koteka
Koteka typical papua, used as a cover genitals male
8. Stone ax
Derived from natural stone, which is used for splitting wood, sweet, Manggali soil, etc. 
 9. Pig bone
Made from pork bones are in use on the nose at certain events 

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