Government Must Help Fishermen

Bad weather lately is not friendly for fishermen. Too risky to go to sea in the extrime weather like this. Many fishermen who have no income in times like this. All they do is just fix the damaged nets and boats.

Most of the fishermen in Indonesia rely on fish catches from the sea to sustain their life. Theyare generally do not have any other skills to earn a living. For fishermen who are in a major port area they could switch to a stevedore as porters. But for fishermen who are in remote areas difficult to find another job. 

In this situation the government should active to help the fishing economy. Food is urgently needed assistance at this time. Big waves make some fishing boats were damaged, Their need more money to repair their boot.

Program providing skills to the fisherman's wife can also be used as an alternative income for families of fishermen. The wives of fishermen could be provided with the ability to produce handicrafts or food products which will be sold to help the family economy.

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