Traffic jam caused high cost economy

Traffic jam has become a hallmark in several major cities in the world. As traffic congestion has become a way of life by urban communities. Queues of vehicles at some of the main road has become a scene of daily routine.

like if the journey is hampered by traffic congestion. Everyone is complaining, swearing and cursing the government deemed unable to regulate the density of traffic. But the abusive words that do not provide solutions, instead adding uncomportable.

In terms of economic traffic jam causes enormous waste. Waste in fuel usage, journey time is longer, which impeded the transfer of goods to the destination, until rot some agricultural products due to too long in trip.

Some things can be done by the company to reduce
the impact of traffic jam is:
Note the time of transporting goods by avoiding the rush hours.
2. Pack items well, so the
item is not damaged during the trip.
For transporting the fruit, try fruits are transported in a raw state (immature), so it does not rot trip.

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