Tips for choosing home

You intend to buy a house? The following are some tips from me:
1. Determine your budget in accordance with ability. This is important because it will facilitate you in menentikan options later.
2. specify the location. urah make sure you close your workplace. when the price of a house near your work place it was expensive and not affordable by you, choose a location that trnsportasinya easy to reach your workplace.
3. environmental conditions. a green environment, fresh air and cool, clean water quality and can be used for drinking is the right choice. unfavorable environment will bother you when you've menenpati house. this will also affect your health.
4. security. security is no less important in choosing a home. an unsafe environment can actually make you bankrupt.
5. When you use the credit facility from a bank, consider using the services of Islamic bank for fixed installments during the loan period

first few tips from me. hopefully useful.
(picture take from http://emyou.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/home_sweet_home.jpg)

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