Factors for consideration of investment

Before someone to invest, there are some important things to consider. It is important to ensure that investment going concern and bring in huge profits. The factors is:
1. Security. if security level in one country is conducive, it becomes a good initial confidence for investors. investors do not worry if the investment will be lost because of insecurity.
2. Law enforcement. This will serve as collateral for investors to obtain his legal rights as well. so that investors do not hesitate to invest.
3. Low wages. low wages in a region will attract investors. as one factor of production, low wages will increase the price competitiveness of the products.
4. availability of raw materials. abundant raw materials will ensure continuity of production. apart from that raw material prices will be cheaper in the source region.
5. corruption. corruption with investasui have an inverted relationship. if high-level corruption, was not profitable for investors in business competition

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  1. yes,that 5 point is very corect, we have to consider of that factor


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