Holiday Season

Long weekend is a long-awaited moment a lot of people to eliminate the tired routines leave for a moment to re-create the body and mind become fresh. No wonder many people are taking ration coupled with the long holiday sabbatical in order to enjoy a longer holiday.

The tradition of the people of Indonesia for homecoming (returning home) is ingrained throughout the region. not only Javanese people who do it, but almost all areas even for people who wander out Indonesai negeripun do. Given the current density at each ahead of the holiday homecoming danjang, the travelers is difficult to get tickets according to what he wanted. Although no price has doubled. ticket agents and travel companies are considered as the party raise the price. Tiketpun brokers do not miss these opportunities to reap the benefits.

Actually the government has issued regulations regarding the upper limit and lower limit for airfare, bus or other transportation back and forth. But the fact remains there is an increase in field tickets that go beyond the specified limits. For airline companies usually abide by the rules that have been set by the government, but often there are several elements which cooperate with ticket scalpers ticket that causes a rare and people are forced to buy through brokers that cost far more expensive than listed on the ticket.

TIP: To Which Will Vacation
Based on my experience and also my friend's friends, there are a few tips that might be useful for you all:
1. Plan your holiday from the far-distant day. eg for a plane ticket Eid, a year before D-day tickets usually can already be booked. Be careful in determining the date of departure if you will be buying tickets promo, promo tickets because usually it will be difficult if you have to do flight schedule changes. executive for train tickets and tickets are already sold 40 business days prior to departure and economic train one week before the day of departure.
2. Prepare your luggage to be brought. Bring items that you really need it. the more goods you bring you will be more troublesome and also passengers. Separate place your personal items in places easily accessible. such drugs should not be included into the trunk, because if you suddenly need it will be hard to pick it up.
3. Bring cash as needed. bring the money in the form of an ATM card or other shopping cards are safer than carrying cash in large numbers.
4. Avoid striking appearance and Nudity. Wearing sexy clothing, flashy jewelry that will invite crime.
5. If not get a ticket, your trip should be postponed. Do not buy tickets at brokers or in a place that is not official if it is not very forced at all.

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