Ramadhan comodity

Ramadhan is the month that full of wisdom. Ramadan for some people in Indonesia is the fields to earn some money. Some product have hight level of sales on the month of Ramadan.
Some of the products whose sales increased in the month of
Ramadan is:

Food for ta'jil or buka puasa. Rice cake(lontong), compote (kolak), fried foods (gorengan) and other traditional food increased in sales drastically.
Beverages in containers. traffic jam in Jakarta and other cities to force some ta'jil Wayfarer in the way, is a provision for bottled water sellers.
3. Islamic Fashion. Some people change the appearance in the month of ramadan using Muslim fashion.
This led to increased sales Moslem fashion. People also buying Muslim Fashion for wear in Lebaran Day.
4. Islamic Book.

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  1. waah... b. inggrisnya lontong tuh rice cake yaa?? baru tahu? Lucu.. Kunjungan balik nih..


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