Wise in electricity usage and save your money

Some energy experts predict that fossil energy sources will be exhausted in the year 2020. This was due to several things, some of them are fossil energy is not renewable energy and the needed of this energy is rise quickly every day. People become very dependent with fossil energy. The increasing in world oil prices recently showed that the level of anxiety in humans on the decline in oil availability is very high.

Impact of increasing world oil price

The increasing world oil price recently cause some direct impact to economic globally. In some country like Indonesia cause government spending in subsidies increased. Government make unpopular policy by increase electricity tariff. The people must prepare more money every mount as consequences of electricity tariff increase.

Wise in electricity usage

Wise in electricity usage not only to minimize expanse. Furthermore we must accustom this for green energy and for better world in the next future. Several ways that we can use to save electricity energy is:
1. turn on the lamp that not usage. Some place that we forgotten to turn off the lamp after usage is kitchen and bathroom.
2. for some county make different tariff in different time. In busy time, the tariff over 100%. But in the other time, the tariff would be decreased. So you must manage your time in usage electricity. For example, if you use water pomp, use water reservoir. Just use your water pomp when the tariff is low and save it in the reservoir.

Wise in electricity usage and save your money

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