Inflation ahead of Ramadan

Inflation ahead of Ramadan

Why it happen
when ramadhan come, people in indonesia prepare foods significant amounts. They buy basic need especially food for supply in ramadhan. Although ramadhan is holy moon for moslem, but the tradition to supply food in significant of amount followed by non moslem people. this situation cause inflation in while.

As usual the inflation rate is about 10 to 15 %. this situation controlled by government. the ministery of trade and Bulog work together doing market operation. They sell many basic need like rice, fried oil, sugar and other basic needs at a predetermined price. beside that, government set the top price for some goods.

In the fact, government can't fully control the price. in some traditional market founded store sell goods above the set price. No punishment for the store, because this situation generally happen far from down town. the other cause there are not formal complain from the customer. The people in the villages doesn't know how and to whom they must complain.

The tips to face this situation

  1. Buy the only goods that you really needed. If go to the market, some people can't control they want by buying goods that not really they needed. to avoid that situation, try to write your shopping list. beside that, you must buy the goods on the shopping list first before viewing the other goods.
  2. Do not buy goods excessively. if you buy goods excessively,  according to the law of supply and demand This will trigger the price increase.
  3. If you think that you need to stock the goods in the excessive of amount, buy the goods long time before Ramadhan come. You must note that the goods will not rotten.

written with the help of google translate by tatan-sabrina

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