Mudik Time

Mudik or Homecoming is a tradition of Indonesian society during Idul Fitri arrived. The settled foreigner have prepared since long time back and forth time. for travelers that use train, They can buy the ticket 40 days before the day of homecoming time. for the travelers that use plane, They can bay the ticket about six months earlier.
Mudik usually do urbanites in cities to their rural homelands. Large cities become deserted while in the township became crowded during homecoming. Migrants from various regions gathered in their hometown. The gathering of the community is always accompanied by economic activity in the area. rural economy began to rise when going home arrived.

In addition to improving economic activity, the moment of going home can also be used as a means of promotion for rural communities. Many products - products that have a rural high economic value, but has been less developed due to lack of capital and marketing are not systematic. with the gathering of urban society from the urban, is expected to be intersting their interest to invest in goods from the countryside.

Urban communities are considered to have the ability to process the products produced in rural areas to be processed materials that have high economic value. Creative ideas and capital are expected to increase in the rural economy.

Selamat menjalankan Ibadah Shoum!
Selamat Mudik
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri

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  1. enaknya bisa mudik, ane masih nyari thr gan buat mudik...hati" diperjalanan gan

  2. @buret:yoi kawan, semoga cepet dapet THR dan banyak!

  3. selamat idul fitri juga kawan..maaf lahir batin :)


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