13th salary (Gaji ke-13) paid by Governments to the civil servants (PNS)

The government has prepared to disburse 13th salery this Jul. Policy to give 13th salery to civil servants since the government started Abdul Rahwan Wahin (Gusdur). Many pik that welcomes this policy as it is considered very effective to help the staff of the government to improve their welfare.

13th salery awarded in July or early to know the new school. So it is very helpful for civil servants to send their children to new school. This was confirmed by the Minister of Finance.


Minister of Finance Agus D.W. Martowardojo affirmed that 13th salary paid by Governments to the civil servants (PNS) is a mandate of Law. It was submitted by the Minister of Finance when he was met after the plenary meeting with House of Representatives (DPR) in Parliament House Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/07).

Minister said, the 13th salary payment is a mandate of Law, so it is Governments’ obligation to conduct it. “Because of Law, we have to prepare the 13th salary,” he said.

Besides that, for smooth implementation, central governments remind local governments to always maintain their budget health, including in the case of 13th salary payment. “So, regions have to maintain their budget health. That there is region that is objected or imposed, it is a consequence that they have to prepare because of 13th salary payment,” he said. 

Minister explained, the regulation regarding 13th salary payment has been finished to discuss. This regulation has been finalized and ready to run on this July. “We are done and it has run this month.


13th salery given for one month salary. If this is converted to a salary increase, then the same with a salary increase of 1 / 12 or by 8.43%. But if the government giveit in  the form of a salary increase of 8:34% then this will cause price increase or inflation which has been used to accompany the increase in salaries of civil servants.

13th salary (Salary to-13) must be paid Earlier

In the month of June is usually the parents are busy looking at schools for their children. At times like that's supposed salery 13th salary is provided at the beginning of June so pns already have the money when looking for schools for their children.

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  1. Gaji 13th yang ditunggu2 tiap pertengahan tahun sob...

  2. Private teachers in Bekasi were left waiting for the functional allowance money this year. They wonder when it will come down? Some of them really need it.


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