Comparison of silver and gold

Historical facts
In the past, gold and silver are considered a symbol of wealth and power of the king. The more gold and silver owned by the king, the higher the position of the king in the eyes of the people and the other kingdom. Gold and silver are commonly used as currency, jewelry and even used the throne as a symbol of greatness. But there are differences between them. Gold is more valuable and have a high position in terms of social status in the community owner. This view is further maintained for many years until now.

The availability of abundant silver
In nature availability of silver is more than gold. So that gold became scarcer and the selling price even higher. In other words, the more limited availability, gold becomes more exclusive than the silver. This is an effect on the price of gold and silver.

Academic assessment
In some states a lot of scientific work associated with the ratio of the value of gold and silver. And of course the value of gold is higher than the silver. In some poems also often use gold and silver as the ratio between the two different things.

In the case of medals, gold, silver, placed under
In a tournament, gold has always given to the first winner, while the silver for the second. gold value was more dominant than the silver.

But in the next few years it may have its turn. As in my previous posting

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  4. Benar mas , gold is the most powerfull than paper money .


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