Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

More and more people are using facebook every day. Mualai of children, adolescents, adults samapai with parents using facebook. more than 500 million active users on facebook individuals and 50% of that log in every day. 70% of facebook users not from USA. There are 190 countries and 20 million use facbook installed applications every day. 250 million are involved with a facebook to other external websites. Even mobile phones are used in interacting with others and their 200 million of them. More than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries promoting facebook. This shows great potential on facebook as a medium for marketing.

Facebook account you'll use for business should be different with your facebook account to socialize. A lot of facebook users were just for socialization only and we don't want them to go away. Let us keep our current facebook friends and interact with them naturally. Now having a new account in facebook for business is the best way in order to identify our specific viewers and audiences of interest. Ask some of your current friend to join your society and be honest of what it is all about. Load your wall with free knowledge of how to make money using your affiliate products. Do it everyday and invite more people all over the world. Facebook Group
What is facebook group? It is a special feature on facebook where we can create a specific group of our desire in a specified interest. This is a powerful tool we can use on facebook because it is a live forum platform where we can chat with each other live. Meaning, fresh ideas can be build here and more topic will be exposed here. A direct question and answer portion will be happening too. Search inside the facebook and join other group related to your product or topic. In this way you can widen your audience and you going to a have huge opportunity to sell your products. 

Facbook Fan Page
It is another facebook tool where we can leverage and make the best of it. It is an extension to your website, blogs or affiliate site and promotes your product. There are tons of tool we can apply on your fan page and modify it until it will look more decent and convincing. Post banner in your fan page and more articles related to your product to sell. Remember, keep doing it everyday and you will achieve your goal as an affiliate marketer. Add more friends everyday and be professional in approaching them.

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