Insuring Your Home Business

With unemployment rates reaching an all time high and economic recovery that brings in new jobs slow to appear, freelancing and working from home are becoming more and more popular among the recently laid off. Whether you have the choice to work at home or not, you need to make sure that your home business is properly insured through your home insurance policy.

Is Cheap Home Insurance Good For Business?

One of the top goals for consumers is to find cheap home insurance that offers them protection against risk. Unfortunately, when you are simply searching for cheap home insurance instead of home insurance that offers good coverage for the activities you use your home for, you could be in trouble. If you choose regular home insurance and do not disclose that you are running a business on site, then you could suffer from unpaid claims, lost equipment and lawsuits resulting from the damages your business or home causes to others.

If you have clients who come on site to your home business, then your home insurance company needs to be made aware of this so that you can get proper liability coverage. If you have equipment at home that is for business use, then your home insurance company needs to know this so that they can cover it properly and you won't have to suffer any loss of use while you scramble for the funds to replace it.

When your clients rely on your continued business to keep THEM in business, then your non-disclosure of home business activities to your home insurance company could result in a slowdown of your production and a financial loss for your clients. This is a dangerous risk as not only could you lose the money you paid in buying your equipment initially, but your clients could sue you because they depended on you to stay productive even after an insurable incident.

In addition to ensuring you have the proper coverage for your home business through your home insurance company, you should also get professional liability coverage so that no business can take your personal assets as a result of a business lawsuit.

So remember, let your home insurance company know about your home business and make sure their policy protects you properly.

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  1. salam sahbat
    ehm first toime i hear for insurance business thanxs n good luck ya

  2. I think one should find a cost effective policy rather a cheap policy. One can do this by comparing the quotes of various companies available over the internet and opt the one that meets their requirement in terms of need and cost.


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