Determining Investment Choices

When you decided to invest, the first think step is determine your type of investment. In determining your investment type you must give attention to several thing, namely:
1. Choice the investment the you are mastering in this type. you must have know large all about this business. How the business is began, from where the supply come, from whom you get the supply, who you customer, the risk in this business and other.
2. If you don't have enough know large in your business, you must have an assistant that can help you to manage your business. You must span more money for your assistant. It's no problem for the first time you start the business, but you must study from your assistant and from your experience during the current business. It's important for the future. next time if you have mastering the business, you don't need an assistant anymore to doing your business.
3. Delay and learning until you mustering about the business before start your business. it's need time and may be you need long time to start your business.

Essentially, if you want to success in your business, you must mustering the type of business.

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  2. dalam berinvestasi kita harus melihat perusahaan, waktu, dan menggunakan logika. tanpa salah satu itu maka investasi kita bisa gagal


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